Wolverine Dog Training Club
20786 Orchard Lake Rd (just North of 8 Mile Rd on the East side)
Farmington Hills, MI

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Scent Dogs at Work

Scent Classes

Inroduction to Scent

Students in this class will learn how to imprint their dog on a variety of scents used in Nosework and C-WAGs and UKC scent trials. Students will also learn the fundamentals of partnering with their dog to find scent. Dogs learn to seek out the hidden scent located in containers. All work is done indoors. This class is offered as an introduction to participation in C-WAGS, Nose Work, or UKC Scent Trials. Students should come to class prepared with high value rewards (treats or toys). A bandana or harness is recommended, but optional.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of one prior class at WDTC and/or instructor permission. All ages welcome.

Duration: 6 weeks

Advanced Scent

Students in this class work toward becoming a stronger partner with their dog by learning about how scent moves in the environment and to read the behavior of their dogs in scent.  Dogs are challenged with increasingly difficult scent problems.

Prerequisite: Successfully completing introduction to scent or permission of instructor.  New students to this class will only be accepted when slots open.

Duration: 6 weeks

Advanced Scent Workshops

Open to current advanced students.  Students and their dogs work scent problems in different, challenging environments. Dates will be announced or posted at Wolverine.