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Obedience Dogs at Work


Agility Image

Using scent, Julie selects the article that her handler has touched from among the others.

Obedience Classes

In obedience classes, you will learn how to train your dog. These classes are fun and interactive. Each class is taught by two accomplished instructors, so you and your dog will always get the individual attention you want.

Puppy Class

This is the basic developmental course for dogs twelve weeks to six months in age. It focuses on socialization with other puppies and people, and provides an introduction to obedience work with exercises designed for puppies. Puppies are taught to come when called, walk on a loose lead instead of dragging you down the street, sit, stand and lie down on command and to stay. Owners also learn other useful day-to-day skills and ways to prevent many common problems.

Dog's Age: 12 weeks - 6 months

Duration: 6 weeks

Beginner/Family Dog Obedience

This is the foundation class in home obedience for dogs that are six months of age and older. It focuses on teaching you to train your dog. The emphasis of this course is on the basics that help your dog to become a better companion. Dogs are taught to walk on a loose lead, sit, stand, down, stay in position, and to come when called by the handler. Information on grooming and problem solving are also discussed in the training sessions.

Dog's Age: +6 months

Duration: 6 weeks

Advanced Beginner

Now that you have the basics…let’s have some fun.  Employ newly learned skills, expand your dog’s basic obedience vocabulary, build confidence and continue socialization with agility and rally games.  This class can be repeated multiple times.  Prerequisite:  Graduation from Beginner Obedience or Instructor approval.


Duration: Ongoing

Intermediate Obedience

This course assists you in more advanced obedience work.  Dogs and handlers will continue strengthening communication and confidence.  You will be working on the skills necessary to successfully perform C-WAGS exercises and learn the foundation training needed for AKC & UKC competitions. Prerequisite: Graduation from Advanced Beginner or Instructor approval.


Duration: 6 weeks

Advanced Competition

This class is geared toward advanced competitive obedience. Instruction focuses on the attention, precision and proofing of the AKC and UKC advanced obedience exercises including signals, scent work, retrieving and directed jumping.Prerequisite:  Instructor approval only.


Duration: 6 weeks